Grant Heath

Grant Heath

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First Name * Grant
Last Name * Heath
Username * grantimus
Country * USA
City Sandy
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Compositor;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer;Technician
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileMotion Picture or VideoTelevisonVFXWeb Design
Preferred Tools CodingCompositingDesignEditingLightingModelingTexturing3ds maxAfter EffectsfinalRenderFlashIllustratorMayamental rayPhotoshopVRayPremiereDreamWeaverDarktreeMaxScript




I'm a technical artist at a little company called 3d Recon. At 3D Recon we are best kown for our car models. We have done a lot of work with larger studios and ad agencies. Our work has been featured in commercials for all the major car manufactors including Chevrolette, Nissan, & Toyota as well as many others.

At 3D Recon I'm probably the geekiest of the employies there, as I'm the technical artist. When I'm not modeling, texturing, or lighting, I'm usually writting some tool in MEL. Most the MEL scripts I have written at 3D Recon have been custom modeling tools.

Before 3D Recon I worked at various studios working on a variety of different projects that have included video games, tv commericals, and I've done some film work as well.